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ALL included:   $250.20  Adult $170.70  Child 12 & under I can only attend:


Selecting the village catered meals is totally optional.  However, please take note that the nearest restaurant is eight miles from the village which takes at least 15 minutes one way. To-date, no one (with a half-way normal diet) has ever gone away the least bit hungry from any of these meals.

Buffet Breakfast consists of:  scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, grits, cereal, yogurt, baked apples, gravy, biscuits and muffins. (Subject to alterations)

Grab-n-Go bag Lunch:  a hardy sandwich, salad, assorted cookie and drink (vegetarian options available)

Dinner in the Grand ‘Hall’:  a hardy banquet set out of two main dishes, 2 sides, bread, dessert and drinks (vegetarian options available)

All fully-catered meal prices include gratuities and taxes.


Due to Shaker Village being a historic site, it is not totally handicapped accessible. There are narrow stairs to most rooms and class rooms.

The Village does try to accommodate as many dietary restrictions as possible, within reason.  If you have an issue or possible concern, list it below and we will see what options are available.

Menus will be planned around all listed food issues and allergies.  Speak now or forever hold thy knife-n-fork.


If you are driving to the Village, then you will have good means of transportation. Car-pooling is very popular at the Village. However, if you are flying into the Lexington Bluegrass airport, let us know your flight times as soon as possible and we will arrange for airport pickups on Wednesday and drop-offs on Sunday.

We offer several payment options for your convenience, even up to 6 equal payments after the deposit.  Select your preferred options below and an invoice will be sent shortly.

Sign-ups  /  Volunteering

The Trading Post is the Shire’s general store of wonders. You will find ALEP T-shirts, mugs, magnets and many other requested items. We also welcome crafty attendees to take a table and display/sale their works of art. All items must be hand-made (not manufacturer produced), and unique of anything sold in the Village’s Gift Shop.  Space is limited.

Lots of people like to lend a helping hand and we also will accept such offers.  Below are some areas in which you might like to offer.

Since the River Boat Cruise has become so popular and with the Coast Guard’s limit imposed, we will now issue Shire Tickets to the first 112 who sign up to go on the cruise. You must present these tickets at the time of boarding the boat.

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