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. : A Long Expected Party : .

From the very first ALEP, David has been there to offer his services where ever and when ever needed.  He came to us asking to be a part of the “behind the scenes” activities and has become an integral part of ALEP itself.  Now he comes on board as an organizer in training.

David Gianino

The Indispensable!




Shawn brings his lifetime love for The Hobbit and the weapons of antiquity to ALEP.  His martial arts background includes Wing Chun, Aikido, Kempo, Southern Shaolin, Kick Boxing, and Kali. Shawn is also an avid Horseman and archery enthusiast.

And Shawn will be running the Archery Tourn.

Shawn Short

Weapons Master

Lore Master Judy Mitchell will be heading up the ALEP Trivia Challenge this year, so read your books!   

Judy Mitchell

Trivia Master

As always, Tim White in his role as your Halfling Host, Mister Baggins. Welcoming all manner of folk to the birthday parties he throws every three years under the Party Tree not far from his dwelling, the Underhill and hoping to make your stay in the shire a memorable one.

Tim White ~ Mister Baggins

Co-Founder ~ Organizer ~ Web Master

One of the first things noted by the organizers of ALEP was the bonding and willingness to help from fans of Tolkien. Many were the times at the first ALEP in 2008 that the organizers realized that more help was in need and would have quickly been overcome had it not been for the help of the attendees themselves.

As with all things, the organizers learned that all who come to ALEP wish to and should be a part of it. Hence, many of the events are open for involvement and input from the attendees and the event is richer for it.

Mister Baggins’s party, which is on the night of the last day as a rule, is a perfect example of this. The organizers had risen well before the dawn to set up the party site, but as party guests began to arrive, they took a hand in it themselves, and were stringing flags, banners, lanterns and generally helping themselves and one another. It beckoned back to ancient times when folks pulled together and put the skills and abilities they had to good use and the result was an incredible bonding experience for us all  and, due to the individual touches of the attendees, the party has never looked the same twice.

The result was a magical evening, or perhaps one might say it was a ‘Night to Remember.’

Grey Wizard has often cited the moment at Mister Baggins’s birthday speech that he felt more like he was truly in Middle Earth than at any other time before or since.

So, “Next Time”, just jump right in where ever you feel comfortable and be a part of the experience.  ALEP is not just a spectator event but a full immersion experience.

See you then.

.: Milestones in ALEP :.

It takes a Shire

Wandering about the village, you may spot the Grey Wizard. Not unlike the books, it was Grey Wizard who originally persuaded a somewhat reluctant Mister Baggins to help throw the first ALEP.

J.P. Cummins ~ Grey Wizard