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. : A Long Expected Party : .

Every three years Mister Baggins throws a party in the Halfling Village and one can never know quite what to expect! At the first party he vanished. Then the second one he took care of unfinished business. By the third party, he was roasted by several friends... With friends like that, who needs enemies?  Who knows what could transpire at the forth party. Could the night be overtaken by villains?

Yeah yeah, Next Year

ALEP 4  =  4LEP  2017

Ok, Okay!  You wanted “down-time” So here’s your chance of a slightly smaller event than our full blown ALEP every three years.  More Laid back, attendee designed panels and plenty of food.

Be there and back again.  The question is,

“Do we do this again half way to ALEP 5?   

    ...oh Crap!  Did I just say that??

Not quiet the next time, but...

ALEP 4.5? ~ Halfway There

Something in the fall?

Something around Christmas?

To Be Announced...  It’s all up to YOU.

What possibly could happen...?

Fall Excursion

Something in the spring?

To Be Announced..  It’s all up to YOU.

A Spring time gathering

Spring Excursion


December, 2016

.: ALEP Happenings :.

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ALEP 4 ~ “4LEP”


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I have questions ~ questions that need answering.  Read an ALEP FAQ here...

Wondering how to get to ALEP?  Look on this page here directions to the Shire.

Accommodations ~ Check the “Rooms” page for the event you are attending...

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Who would have thought we would be having more such events. I mean, after all, there was only to have been one party. One only turns eleventy-one ONCE!

If you could happen.

Adventures, nasty things, just make you late for dinner.

Nobody here wants an adventure..

After all, it’s far too long between birthdays.  I’m sure there are other reasons to get together for a fill of pipe weed and a pint, and seed cakes, and roasted meats, and salsify....

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