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. : A Long Expected Party : .

The only way to have more “down time” is to have a separate event designed for just that reason.  We’ve had small gatherings in the past few years revolving around the release of each Hobbit movie.  And in 2015, a special request for a Frolic in the Shire for Spring, which now has come and gone…and being well received.

But that was only in small groups. Mister Baggins has arranged with the Shaker Village to have a more laid back event focused around more down time.  We will still have our evening meals in the Meadow View Barn (depending on the number of attendees) and after hours in the Dancing Pony, more archery, dancing and/or singing or whatever YOU tell us you want.  Though we won’t be bringing in guest speakers as with the regular ALEPs, but any and all panels will be presented by the very attendees themselves. Though all past guests are always welcome to join in on their own accord.

So, here’s your chance on offering those costuming, crafting, leather work, writing, or just discussions that we’ve not had time to fit into ALEP 1, 2 or 3.  If you just want to kick back and enjoy the Shire and do nothing, then do it.  If you have been wanting to offer a panel on costuming, here’s your chance.  There will be a space on the Panels page for you input.

Accommodations will now be booked through the ALEP web site.  No need to to contact Ann but you will need your registration number in order to book a room. For better security, Mister Baggins will be in touch to gather credit card info that is required by Shaker Village.

The request that we keep getting aside from additional panels or repeated panels is to have more “down time”.

.: ALEP 3.5 ~ April 28 - May 1, 2016 :.

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Who can not stay away until ALEP 4…..

Sharon Ashe

Ron Balabon

Bernadette Barnes

Lori Chambless

Aaron Chambless

Dan & Lydia Chamney

Mary Condon

Karen Cox

JP Cummins

Kathleen Dallin

Heather Fleming

Nancy Flynn

Kelly Gable

Celia & Dennis Garland

Meghan Garland

David & Amanda Gianino

Rhonda Gibson

Donovan & Jessica Grimwood

Amy Heaney

Mary Hill

Bruce & Dana Hinterleitner

Barbara Holbrook

James Michael Hughes II

Rebecca Jordan

Sasha Katz

Dawn & Richard Kerman

Tammy Kien

Rebekah Lay

Kelli Lynch

Marie Miesel

Kristen North

Penny & Patrick Parker

Ryan Peck

Susannah Prather

Marie Prosser

Barbara Ring

Brenna Ring

Katherine Ring

Y.M. Rivadeneira

Jayne Rogers

Lisa Schroeder

Michael Sewell

Lee Shamblin

Julie Siefke

Hannah Stoppel

Rebecca Tominack

Matthew Vosper

Tim White

Clare White

Crystina Williams

Thomas Wuellette

Ames Yokel

Cindy Zeuli

Debra Wilcox-LeMaster

Randall Wilcox

Stacey Williams

Lane Fox


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