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The Road Goes Ever On And On…

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Have you ever looked to the mountains and wondered what lay beyond - or even under them? Have you ever wanted to carry a sword instead of a walking stick? Then perhaps you are in need of an adventure. Take a trip to the Shire and live the adventure of a lifetime and create memories that can be retold around the fire for ages to come.

Things in the Shire were made to endure...

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Hobbit reading at local bookstore

Gearing up for ‘The Hobbit’ movie

‘The Hobbit’ debut meet & greet

Come to the Shire in 2014 and celebrate the third ALEP! Every three years Mister Baggins throws a party in the Halfling Village and one can never know quite what to expect! The first party he vanished, the second one he took care of unfinished business. Who knows what he will do this time?

Have you ever wondered what might compel otherwise normal people to suddenly fabricate a fictitious place into reality, and then do it again, and then do it yet again!? Delve into the history of A Long-Expected Party...

A brief history on the making of ALEP...

Where did it all begin?

Whatever is the Dancing Pony? From where did it come and who would have ever thought of such a thing? What do folks do there and when do they do it?  Does it have bards singing live music?

Open for business again in 2014

At the sign of the Dancing Pony





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September 24-28, 2014 at Shaker Village in Central KY

Find out what attendees are saying about A Long-Expected Party in 2008, A Long-Expected Party ~ There & Back Again in 2011 and how they feel about the upcoming A Long-Expected Party ~ The Road Goes Ever On & On in 2014...

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