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. : A Long Expected Party : .

September 29 - October 3


Due to Covid-19, we have been forced to postpone till 2021. But don’t let that hinder you from attending an event that only happens once every three years.

This IS “next time”!!




Is it something worth looking into?

Not quite next time, but...

ALEP 5.5 Half Way There

I have questions ~ questions that need answering.  

Read ALEP FAQ here...

Wondering how to get to ALEP?  Look on this page for directions to the Shire.

If you are new to ALEP and want to get the 411 on what to expect; what do you need to make the most of your stay; the best way to jump right in and become a part of it all, then this is the place to start...

Never been, so: How? Where? When? Who?

New to ALEP?

New to ALEP

Find out what attendees are saying about A Long-Expected Party in 2008, A Long-Expected Party ~ There & Back Again in 2011 and how they feel about the last A Long-Expected Party ~ The Road Goes Ever On & On in 2021...

Don’t take our word for it

Reflections of the Shire


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Fall 2024 ??

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ALEP 5.5 ~ Half Way There

Spring 2023 ?

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ALEP 5 ~ Arda Through the Ages

Sept. 29 - Oct. 3, 2021

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye!!

Come see what’s


 At the Shire Post…

Shire Post The news as of the 22nd day of Febuary, 2021


If looking for or have …


Current happenings …


The ‘go to’ column for all


When a Hobbit butt is not planted in our seats, then we have 200 chairs and 25 folding table available for rent.

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